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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

As per the Indian Calendar, people fall in total 12 different sun sign and get affected on the daily basis as per their own ruling planet. It is hard tobelieve fact but we can't ignore the destiny which is already pre-written inevery individual's life. People are not enough capable to remove the problems from their life permanently but with the help of astrology, measures can be taken to solve the problems. In addition to this, astrology is the right platform for everyone, who wishes to get success in every aspect of life. Besides, by getting the right predictionfrom well-known astrologer, individuals can avoid some bad things inlife.

Astrology and Horoscope are just two sides of a coin.Sometimes, Astrology is rejected by the academic and scientific communitiesas it doesn't exist in the arena of Science. But, people are living in the 21st century that has carried a lot of changes. Now-a-days, a large number of people are connected with astrology and horoscope due to end number of reasons. In spite of this, few people are still unaware about the importance of these industries as they believe in science wonders.

Well, I am going to tell something about horoscopefor the personalities of 'Pisces' people. Also, I would like to tell about the weekly horoscope for the week of 19th August, 2012 till 25thAugust, 2012. All the persons who fall in the sun sign of ‘Pisces' take birth in themonth of February 19th till March 20th of every year. Pisces individuals are very emotional and are very deep hearted with sensitive feelings too. Theyalways ready to help others. Furthermore, lack of confidence is a weakness of them.

In addition, Pisces people also known as ‘Meenjatakas' in the astrology line. They are spiritualand caring as per the ruling planet ofNeptune. Moreover, they have very good understanding with Scorpion and Cancerian persons. Both types of personalities bring some good charm in the life of Pisces individuals by the way of life partner, colleague, close friend etc. In terms of romance and marriage,Pisces have a lot of love affairs but they are not devoted lovers at all.

Apart from this, in the forthcoming days of the entire week, Pisces personalities should take care of their health and should avoid getting addiction of alcohol, drugs and smoking.  Along with this, it is advisable that they should wear Bloodstone orEmerald as these are the lucky stones for them as per to Pisces Weekly Horoscope analysis. Above all, their lucky numbers are 2 and 6 and their brightcolour is green.

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